Awakenings 101


Awakening Education and Information provided by TPF Spiritual Services. Hosted by Michelle M Fisher.

Dr. Fisher is an Ordained Minister and a Dr of Metaphysics. She founded TPF Spiritual Services in 2015 and has been Teaching people about Awakenings and Coaching ever since. She is also a Professional Psychic Medium and Energy Healer and provides services online and on site.

Book a free sample Coaching Call below. This is a free 30 minute no-strings call from a Professional Certified Life Coach. You may ask about your personal situations, Spirituality in general, Awakening information, Life Guidance, Paranormal, and more.

After your Coaching Call if you are interested in working with your Coach further you can purchase your Coaching package if you choose.


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Psychic Development


Most people in the advances stages of their Awakenings choose to develop their Psychic Abilities. We offer training programs designed to help you learn how to develop your abilities quickly and safely. All Psychic Development Programs are CUSTOM DESIGNED to the Client’s individual needs and level of development.

Each week you will get a Lesson Plan as well as a Coaching Call Meeting and membership in our FB Group that will provide all the practice you could ask for. This program offers Certification from TPF Spiritual Services to those who complete the program with Honors so they have a head start in their new career as a Professional Medium.



Lesson Plans

Learn what you need to know

You will receive a Lesson Plan that was designed just for you after your initial Coaching Call. You will get your Lessons one module at a time and when you have completed it you turn it in and we will go over it before you get another. Simple & Easy.


Private Assistance

WHen you need help

As a Client you will receive a special number you can text whenever you need help or have a question and if it can’t be resolved by text you can request an emergency meeting.


New Features

New Programs & more

We have redesigned our entire business to be more hands on with our Client and offer more value to the package at a new much lower price. We are now offering a FB Group for our Clients to practice in, YouTube Videos to learn from, and brand new Materials co-designed by a real Dr. of Psychology and a Dr. of Metaphysics. We also offer Certification Programs for our top students.



Joining has many rewards

Join our Membership to receive our Newsletter, Free Rewards, and Free Training. We now offer a complete Awakening Program for free complete with most all of the features you would get with a paid membership. Members will get Lesson Plans, Informational Videos, Worksheets, Live Meetings and much more. In-fact, this is our Base level Program and required to purchase the other programs or coaching packages offered.

Personal Coaching- Mentor Program


Book a Coaching Call to discuss your specific Coaching needs. You will work with a highly trained and Certified Life Coach that puts your needs first. Our Programs and not Generic and standard, we design each package according to the specific needs of the Client and work closely with the Client to make sure the get the maximum benefit of the program.

Our Coaching Programs are formerly known as the Mentor Programs

  • Life Coaching

  • Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Awakening Coaching

  • Grief/Trauma/Recovery/DV/Addiction/custom

  • Psychic Development Coaching

New Lower Prices!

We have reduced the fee of our Coaching packages from $5,000/6 wks to $1,000 per month with no limits on how many months you purchase. But here’s the best part, the quality of the programs got even better! The reason for the change is because most people who need a Coach simply cannot afford one so we decided to just lower to price and increase the quality. That simple!